Mike Savage New Canaan Foundation Gallery

The Savage-Rivera Foundation was launched in 2015 with a goal to collect clothes, books, toys and any useful household items to benefit children and families in need in the country of Honduras.

To date, the Foundation which was the mastermind of Sandra and Mike Savage of New Canaan, Connecticut has sent hundreds of boxes of donated goods to Honduran families in need.

These are just some of the happy and grateful recipients of the Savage’s benevolence.

Savage-Rivera Foundation was founded by Sandra and Mike Savage in New Canaan, CT in 2015. They are a mission-based nonprofit whose goal is to provide impoverished Honduran families with essential items.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, there’s a drive for record donations being held by Mike Savage in New Canaan beginning September 2021 and continuing in perpetuity.

For more information and see where to send your donations to Savage in New Canaan, please email Sandra and Mike Savage at [email protected].

Meet young Honduran Angel David Ramirez showing off three new shirts sent via the Savage-Rivera Foundation.
Savage New Canaan - Angel
Savage New Canaan - Angel
Savage New Canaan - Angel
This is Evan Fernando Arteaga opening his special box of donated clothes to keep him warm in the chilly winter months.
Savage New Canaan - Evan
Savage New Canaan - Evan
Meet Gabriel who shows off her many donations and a cozy new pair of slippers.
Savage New Canaan - Happy Honduran Family
This happy Honduran family holds up just a few items from their large box of donated clothes to keep their family comfy throughout the year.