Savage-Rivera Foundation Founder Mike Savage of New Canaan, CT to Hold Clothes Drive for Honduran Families

New Canaan, CT –  Mike Savage of New Canaan, CT is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in September with a locally organized donation drive for underprivileged families in Honduras. 

Mike and Sandra Savage have been dedicated to helping the less fortunate in Sandra’s home country of Honduras ever since they met in 1998. In an effort to make a tangible change, they founded the Savage-Rivera Foundation. 

“Honduras was hit harder by COVID-19 than most other nations in the region. Without the proper medical and everyday supplies, these children and their parents are barely able to survive, let alone thrive. Any bit of assistance we can provide makes all the difference to some families,” said Savage in New Canaan, founder of the Savage-Rivera Foundation. 

These families need help if they’re to have any chance at a decent life for themselves in their home country. In the past year, the Savage-Rivera Foundation has shipped over 150 boxes of donated clothes, toys, books and household items to Honduras families in need. All items donated help countless less fortunate families improve their station in the fight against devastating weather events and gang violence in the region. 

Anyone interested in donating items to this worthy cause set to begin on September 15, 2021, please email [email protected] for more information.

This foundation will continue to receive and ship donations throughout the year and beyond. So please donate whatever you can to help those in desperate need. 

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About Savage-Rivera Foundation:

Savage-Rivera Foundation was founded by Sandra and Mike Savage in New Canaan, CT in 2015. They are a mission-based nonprofit whose goal is to provide impoverished Honduran families with essential items.

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